Viva La Juicy

When I chopped my long hair in December and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, I decided to make it a big stepping-stone toward being a “big girl.”
My next step was to ditch my body sprays (Pink’s Warm &Cozy is my all-time fav) and start wearing actual perfume.

This didn’t take much preparation, however, because I already had an untouched bottle of Viva La Juicy on my dresser.

My thoughts on my first day of wearing it could basically be summed up with one sentence: Why have I waited so long to use this!

It smells SO good.  My usual complaints regarding perfumes are that they are either too musky, powdery, or flowery.  (No one under 18 wants to smell musky, powdery, or flowery).  But Viva La Juicy is none of the above!  Initially I was able to pick out the gardenia and jasmine scents—which I love, love, love.  We have two jasmine bushes outside my house back home and the smell is unbelievable when they’re in bloom.

The best part is how long the scent lasts while wearing it.  I’ve gotten so many compliments throughout the days I have it on, and quite a few people have asked me the name so they could buy it for themselves.  Even though it’s long lasting, I love it so much that the rollerball has made it onto my shopping list so that I’ll be able to reapply if needed while I’m out.

Which are your favorite perfumes? And do you have any suggestions for me?

Coffee is my BFF

My love for coffee is undeniable, and my jealously for people who practically live in quaint little cafes is real.

Since moving to Tampa, finding a cute little coffee shop had been on the top of my to-do list.  Now I can finally say I’ve found one—it only took me an entire semester.  Yesterday, I spent about fifteen minutes trying to find my way around Ybor City looking for The Bunker. When I finally found the cute little brick building it was like all of my dreams had come true.

I went inside, ordered a latte, and claimed my window seat. 

The next half-hour was well-spent writing, instagramming, and relaxing.  It was so great to be off campus for a little while.

Good Coffee
Affordable—my latte was under $3
Free WiFi

What more could you ask for?