Is it Spring Break Yet?

Halfway through spring semester, there is only one thing on every college student's mind--spring break.

Sadly, midterms exist to give us all a reality check and make sure we're aware that it doesn't start for (in my case) another week.

However, we can still put off studying for that Spanish midterm tomorrow but talking about the essentials.  Let's get real, if you are going to be anywhere near the water for spring break (which you absolutely should be) then there are only four things you are going to need: sunglasses, bikini, beach bag and some important accessories.

Personally, I plan on being at the beach every day because I haven't been in forever and I'm starting to sparkle in the sun like the Cullens.

This blog post is going to serve as a kick-off for my next four posts regarding what you're going to need to make spring break awesome.  There will be a post each day dedicated to one of the items.

Keep checking back each day to see my suggestions, and leave a comment if you have any other suggested items for me to add or questions for me to answer!

xo Marina

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