Spring Break Essentials--Sunnies

As promised, here is the first segment of Spring Break Essentials.  Sunglasses are a must for spring break even if you aren't going to the beach.

While at Disney last weekend, we stopped at the larger-than-normal Sunglass Hut in Downtown Disney.  I may or may not have tried on every single pair in the store.  

For this post, I've picked my top four from my window-shopping spree.

I currently own these and refuse to part with them. Look at the gradient lenses! So perfect! However, they have seen better days.  My boyfriend got them and I stole them, but the lens is chipped on one of the top inside corners due to him attempting to pop it back. (I accidentally sat on them--oops.)  

These are only on my list because I'm struggling to bring myself to purchase another pair of the exact same sunglasses.  I know that once I buy a new pair, my beloved chipped ones will be sent off to a dusty corner but I still feel like I shouldn't spend that much money on something I already own. Such difficult decisions!

These sunglasses are more bug-eyed in person than in the picture.  At first, I tried them on as a joke because I normally don't like that style, but I was actually impressed. They're square enough to not make you look like a beetle, but big enough to be more cute than edgy.

These are the current dream sunglasses.  Unless I want to severely damage my bank account, I won't be getting these any time soon.  But look how cute they are! These are pretty buggy, but I like how they come into points at the top. The blue lining also gets me.  This is literally the perfect girly style. I would buy them in a heartbeat if I didn't have to feed myself for the next two months--and that says a lot coming from a girl who only likes wayfarers and aviators.

xo Marina

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