Bye-Bye Broken Sunglasses

I've already posted this on Instagram, but the other day I finally sucked it up and bought a new pair of sunglasses.  My old ones were broken and my "Spring Break Essentials" post had me set on a new pair.  The fact that I was also having shopping withdrawals didn't help the situation either...

Three trips to three different Sunglass Huts later, and I finally found the right pair.

Of course I was getting another pair of aviators--although a pair of Ralph Lauren ones tempted me. In the end, I decided on these matte finish gold frames (the link isn't to the matte ones, I can't find them online!).  They're not polarized because it gives me a headache (this is the reason why I had to go to three stores) and they were the last ones in stock.

I bought them, did my little happy dance, and wore them until the sun went down.

They fit so much better than my old pair, too.  I had a "so this is what they are supposed to be like" moment after seeing they didn't constantly fall off my face like the ones I had to bend back into shape after sitting on.

If possible, I'm even more excited for spring break now.

What do you guys think of matte gold frames?

xo Marina

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