Fit Friday: Yoga Edition

Being healthy is something everyone should strive for, but there are less benefits if you aren't enjoying yourself.  This is why I do yoga.

Staying active doesn't have to mean running and lifting weights.  The first one definitely isn't for me.  There are so many different ways to get up, move around, and work your body.

Finding the right method for you depends on a few factors: your goals, interests, and capabilities.  This is because each activity effects your body differently.

Today--in this slightly random post that I had to do as a homework assignment--I'm going to tell you about yoga.

Yoga is form of activity that focuses on breath, movement and poses.  The goals of this is to calm the mind, and both lengthen and strengthen the muscles.

I find it to be a good workout and relaxing at the same time. Also, I danced up until college, so in a way yoga hits close to home.

There are three popular types of yoga: hatha, ashtanga, and bikram.

Hatha yoga focuses on breathing and practicing poses in an order that maintains balance.  If you stretch a muscle one way, the next move will involve you contracting it another way.  This is my personal favorite if I'm looking for a more relaxed, but still challenging, class.

Ashtanga yoga is better known as "power yoga." You are constantly moving through the postures which is known as a "flow." People think yoga is all about relaxing and meditating, but power yoga gets pretty intense.

Bikram yoga is commonly known as "hot yoga." The flow of the class and the postures themselves are a mixture between the two I just mentioned.  The catch is that the room is heated to between 90 to 100 degrees.  Be prepared to sweat more than you can imagine.

My personal favorite is Ashtanga yoga. I feel like I'm working really hard during the class, but after I feel like all of my stress is gone. It's a happy medium for me.

If you practice yoga, which type is your favorite? If not, what do you like to do for exercise?

xo Marina

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