The Wonderland of Whole Foods

I want to start this post with somewhat of a disclaimer.  I've had to start a separate blog for school (this one isn't fact based enough) and it's focused on living a healthy lifestyle.  Occasionally I double post something from there on here with minor changes.  This is one of those times.

I just wanted to say this before someone found my school blog (which you can check out here!) and thought I was stealing someone else's posts.  I promise I put in a lot of effort writing them myself!

Now that that's over, let's get started!

For me, Whole Foods is a place that forces me to eat healthy.  I don't always shop there but I would prefer to.

Eating healthy is struggle for a lot of us, even if we're willingly trying to do it. This is largely due to two major issues that everyone has when they’re trying to get heathy.

  1. They buy "healthy" foods but don't check the ingredients.
  2. They think said "healthy" foods are expensive.

I’m definitely guilty of the first problem.  I typically do all my grocery shopping at Publix because it’s convenient, but since not all of their products are organic or free of GMOs, it’s probably not that great for me.  This is why you should read labels people!

The second problem is more of an unavoidable one.  Healthy foods are (slightly) expensive.  It’s a fact.  However, I’ve figured out a method to help me get over that: make unhealthy food unavailable.

This is where Whole Foods comes in.

Everything looks so good in their kitchen section!
The chicken tortilla soup smelt amazing!

While I was there I had a sample of this stuff.  I wasn't paying attention so I didn't realize I was about to eat fish before it was too late (I'm not a big fan).  It was actually pretty good though!

Vegan cookies! They all looked sooo good. I wouldn't exactly call myself a vegetarian because sometimes life is rough on a college campus (and well I just sampled some fish dip) but I'd really like to eventually try going vegan.

I got super excited because this Whole Foods has a juice and coffee bar.  (The one I normally go to doesn't). I'll have to take my boyfriend to this one next time he visits, he'll be even more impressed. My coffee was a little too sweet, but I'm really excited to try the juice!

My cart looks a little sad, but I didn't really need that much.  I also grabbed some bananas right before I left.  I just want to say how much I'm looking forward to trying Justin's Almond Butter and the Greek Style Cultured Almond Milk. (P.S. Yes, that is a chocolate bar in the bottom corner, but at least it's dark chocolate).

Whole Foods is dedicated to providing people with healthy options that meet their strict quality standards.  Their goal is to help customers understand and easily have access to a healthy lifestyle.

You can read about Whole Food’s history and standards on their website.

Going back to my trick of making unhealthy foods unavailable, Whole Foods does the job by letting me pick out the most affordable products on their shelves but still making sure they’re good for me.  I might be paying a few dollars more than if I had bought the cheapest version of that product on a typical grocery store shelf, but I don’t think about that since the option isn’t there.

You wouldn't think someone could develop an obsession with a grocery store.  However, my love for whole foods has proven that to be wrong.

How do you manage to stay healthy? Do you love Whole Foods as much as I do?

Note: Yes, I felt totally awkward failing at not-so-subtly taking pictures while grocery shopping! This was my first time doing something like that.  I could only image if I was using a legitimate camera instead of my phone! Do you guys just embrace the "what is she doing" looks from everyone?

xo Marina


  1. I haven't been to whole foods too much because of the price thing but oh man do I miss Publix something fierce.

  2. Publix is the only other store I'll buy my food! I don't know what I'll do if I move somewhere that doesn't have one.