Dealing with Stress

This post comes with perfect timing as spring semester is coming to a close for every college student (including me).

Stress can come from a lot of things and it can also cause a lot of problems.  When I was younger, I used to get extremely painful stomach aches almost every single day because of stress.  It still happens to me on occasion, but I've gotten a little better at managing it.

Now I can tell that I'm getting stressed when I'm not able to concentrate.  Reading my assignments (let alone my textbooks) becomes really difficult, I get headaches, and I start getting really unmotivated to do anything. When this happens, I've learned that no matter how much work I have to do, I need to take a break.

Part of my problem is that I tend to be a perfectionist.  Surprisingly, that's not always a good thing.  It leads to a lot of anxiety even with the simplest things.  The advice that helped me, believe it or not, was given to me in elementary school.  I was the girl who always did her homework, always got an A, and never did anything wrong.  That was until one day in fifth grade when I completely forgot my homework.

I remember this so clearly, because I was pretty traumatized for the first two minutes when I realized I had nothing to turn in.  I was going to get a zero! That just did not happen to me.  Then, because I was on the verge of crying (I now know how ridiculous this was), my teacher came over to talk to me.  He told me "You aren't always going to be able to get everything done, and that's okay."

That was it.  But really, that was all I needed.  I immediately stopped crying and his advice has stuck with me until this day. Granted I still had a few freak outs and it took a little while to permanently sink it; but accepting it has made getting through high school, getting my AA degree at the same time, and surviving my first year away at college so much easier.

So to finish off this post, I have some stress relieving suggestions for when you just have to drop everthing and take a break.

1. Paint your nails, but do a good job with it.
Either give yourself a salon worthy manicure and pedicure at home or go out and get one.  It's significantly distracting because it takes concentration to make sure your nails look perfect. (Or it's relaxing because someone else is doing it for you).

2. Workout.
This varies for everyone.  Some people like to run, go to the gym, play sports, or do yoga.  Personally, when I'm really stressed, yoga is my go-to.  I normally practice vinyasa, but when I'm both mentally and physically exhausted I'll practice yin yoga.

3. Have a healthy snack.
I really like to make smoothies, soup, or oatmeal when I want a healthy snack.  But you know, sometimes you want those cookies, and that's also okay.  My personal fav's: banana strawberry smoothies and chocolate chip cookies.

4. Retail therapy.  
Sometimes, you really just need to go shopping. As terrible as it may sound, spending some money and getting new things can make you feel a lot better than stressing over that paper.  I mean, that's how I got my Jack's! Do I wish I still had that money? Kind of, but look how cute they are! (Plus, I wear them all the time now).

5. Binge on Netflix.
I'm definitely guilty of watching Netflix when I have important things to do.  This semester, though, I've learned how to use it to my advantage.  Typically I'll work on an assignment for as long as a can (I have to at least make it to 15 minutes) and then I'll watch about one to three episodes of a TV show depending on how long they are and how much work I have left. Also, coffee or tea is a must.

6. Take a nap.
This is a last resort for me.  I try to avoid it because once I wake up I just want to go back to sleep.  Sometimes it really is necessary, though.  Especially if you're so stressed that you've made yourself sick (totally me right now).

So if you're finishing up the semester, or working on something else stressful, I wish you luck and I hope I could help a little!

xo Marina


  1. Dealing with stress can be so hard. Love your tips!! Yoga is something that helps me. And if it's nighttime, I'll have a glass of red wine :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. Thanks! Yoga is great because I'm distracted while doing it, and then I feel so refreshed after. :)

  3. Thanks! Yoga is great because it distracts me and then I feel so refreshed after. :)

  4. Coffee Beans High HeelsMay 5, 2014 at 11:16 AM

    this are great! netflix binge and painting your nails are the ones that calm me the most

  5. Netflix was always my go-to last semester!

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