Spring Shoes

I will admit that I may have a little bit of a shoe obsession.

I'll probably admit this multiple times, actually.

Taking me through the shoe section of a store is a terrible idea because I'm constantly finding reasons to need a new pair.  They're all just so cute and essential to putting together outfits! What is an awesome dress if you don't have a great pair of eye-catching shoes to go with it?  Because of my spring dress post the other day, I've been inspired to pick some of my favorite shoes for spring/summer (Florida still is and always will be confused).

one // two // three // four

I can think of so many cute options for these shoes.  I just want them all! I love toms, they're my go-to for comfy shoes; my entire shoe collection is basically Steve Madden, so including him was a given; I'm a sucker for Vans and I saw these metallic ones in gold at J Crew; and I've been looking for a pair of booties like these since forever, and I had mentioned them on my April wish list

Which shoe style do you like best?

xo Marina


  1. I love the crotchet toms- so cute!

  2. They're perfect for a laid-back beach look!