Equipped for Summer

Now that I'm finally home for summer, I'm planning to spend as much time as possible at the beach.  

Honestly, if I could live there, I would.

My biggest summer essential is always the perfect pair of loose-fitting cut-off shorts.  Whether it's to wear them over my bathing suit, or just on a day spent beachside, I'm looking for the perfect pair every year.  (Especially because you could always use more than one!)

The Levi's 501 cutoffs are definitely the perfect summer shorts.  

The vintage fit and soft cotton make them perfect for hot beach days and that's exactly what I plan to use them for.  They also match with practically everything.

I'm all about having versatile pieces in my wardrobe, so having shorts that I can style multiple ways is a must.  I can dress them down with a baggy tank over my bathing suit, or I could dress them up for a day out with a loose boho style top.

Baggy t-shirt (Anthropologie) // Cardigan (UO) // Levi's 501 Shorts // Sandals (Steve Madden)

You can go to my Pinterest board that is dedicated to the Levi's 501 shorts to check out what styles and images get me inspired for summer by the beach.

Visit Marina Mendez's profile on Pinterest.

You can find the Levi's 501 shorts here where you can shop for your own pair to be sure you are #Equipped!

How do you get equipped for summer?


  1. I LOVE the outfit you made!! It's soooooo perfect for summer.

  2. Thanks! I always love to wear loose fitting tops when it's super hot outside.