Motivational Workout Wear

Cute workout clothes are definitely a big motivator for me.  Probably stemming from years as a dancer, I like coordinating my outfits when going to the gym or yoga.  Taking into consideration my love for shopping, new workout clothes are even more motivating.

Talk about the perfect topic for some Monday motivation.

I'm slightly biased when it comes to choosing what brand to buy.  Nike has always been my favorite--wearing it through dance classes, yoga, gym workouts and around the house. They last forever, they don't stretch out, and they come in some cute patterns and colors as well; but there are a handful of other brands that I buy from every-so-often.

I practically lived in spandex my entire senior year thanks to daily practices, so I'm pretty particular about what I wear.

You can click the button below to check out my top picks for workout attire!

As a publisher/editor , I was able to put my collection together and share it with you through a new app--Mavatar.

It is an iPad app that allows you to search from their supported stores and put your items together in a collection.  Mavatar automatically applies any savings codes to your collection to make sure that you get the best deal! It makes shopping on a budget pretty simple (I'm looking at you, college kids).  

Users are able to shop on their own or view editors' picks.

They do have an extension for your computer that provides the same purpose as the app, but it works slightly different. With it, you shop the compatible sites, add the items to your cart, and then they are automatically picked up by the extension.

Good news, though! They are working on launching a website and iPhone app soon!

Check out Mavatar and let me know your thoughts!

xo Marina


  1. I need some new workout clothes! Definitely downloading Mavatar!

  2. Totally agree! My favorite part of working out is getting dressed in my cute workout gear :) Love your collection on Mavatar! XO, Nicole

  3. It's such a great idea for an app!