The Florida Keys

Believe it or not, I had never been to the Keys until this past weekend.  I only live four hours away (I thought it was six--who knew!) but my family has never ventured further south than we already are.

I have been missing out on so much!

If I want to go on vacation, but stay in Florida, the Keys is where I'm going. The water is beautiful! It's the kind you actually want to swim in because its as clear, if not clearer, than a pool.

There is so much to see and such a big area to cover! We stayed in Key Largo (which is the first key) and then drove to Key West (the last key).  It's about a two hour drive, not including traffic, but I wanted to make sure I saw a little bit of everything.

My top five things to do all involve the water, basically.  The ocean is definitely a favorite of mine.  For entertainment purposes, I also have some (slightly random) pictures.

ONE: Snorkeling

Snorkeling is possibly my favorite! I was a little terrified at first, but it ended up being so much fun.  Sitting on a boat, driving out into the open ocean, and hearing that the great white shark (hey, Katherine) is nearby, had me worried--but once we were at the reef and the water cleared up, all of my nerves were gone and I was ready for two hours with the fish.

TWO: Paddle Boarding/Kayaking

This is neither a paddle board nor a kayak, but it's some weird hybrid and we'll just go with it.  I personally prefer paddle boarding, but both are great.  Kayaking you get to sit, but your arms get tired.  Paddle boarding you have to stand, but it's not super exhausting since you put your entire body into it (you feel it in your abs and it's weird).  It's a great way to enjoy the water without being in it.  AKA no worrying about Katherine or the barracudas.

THREE: Watch the Sunset

While in the Keys, you have to watch the sunset.  Granted, you can also watch the sunrise--but since I live on the east coast, I like being able to switch things up and watch the sunset for a change.

FOUR: Drive/Walk the Seven Mile Bridge

The seven mile bridge is just impressive--enough said.  My favorite part, though, is seeing all the old bridges that run alongside.  You can walk along part of one, but the others are blocked off.

This was during the happy, non-traffic filled, drive south.  Going back north was a different story.

FIVE: Key West

This really should be broken down into a separate list of just things to do in Key West.  From what I saw (and was told), this is where you go to actually walk around and do things.  There are sights, shops, and restaurants.  It's cute and different than the other keys.  (Seriously, I'm convinced that all shopping has to be done online in the keys--even groceries. There's nowhere to go!)

You have to go see the southernmost point.  You can't go this far and then just skip it! Just make sure you're actually walking south if you're in a hurry and don't want to get lost.  Note: I was happy to #weartheworld in the keys with my newest Serengetee shirt.

I also recommend recreating statues--it's kind of fun.  (Photo credit to the boyfriend's little brother, who did a surprisingly good job!)

What's your favorite summer vacation spot?

xo Marina


  1. Great post! These photos make me miss when I was stationed in Cuba a few months ago! Looks like you had fun :)

  2. Great Post! These photos make me miss the beautiful weather and the ocean waters I experienced when stationed in Cuba a few months ago... Looks like you had fun in Florida!

  3. Thanks! I'm sure the water was even better in Cuba!