"I'll just have water, please"

Maybe it's because I've been going to the gym.  Maybe it's because I'm trying to be healthy.

Maybe it's because I've finally accepted the fact that I literally cannot live without drinking water (duh).

Regardless of the reason, I've been opting for water a lot more than usual.

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I know, I know, another "be healthy" post.  I just sort of had an epiphany last week that made me realize that the gym might make me look better, but it won't make me feel better; and no one wants to feel sick all the time.

Right? Right.

Now, I've been good about choosing water (soda free for nine months!), but I'm not always great about actually drinking it... Yes, I know that's the important part. I have figured out, though, that I drink more water if it's out of a cute bottle--bonus points if there's a straw.

Here are some of my favorite ones! I like to use a straw with the Tervis cups.

Regardless of how I'm eating, water still makes a difference. (Because it's amazing for you! I mean, we are basically half water). I feel so much better when I've kept on top of drinking it.  No headaches, I'm not as hungry (no unnecessary snacking), and I feel more energized.

It's especially important to stay hydrated now, since it's summer.  Heat and dehydration don't mix well--trust me on that one.

2 Liters a day! (that's four of those cute little BPA-free BKR bottles)

xo Marina

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