Time to Stop Worrying

I started my on-campus job last week as one of the program directors for the events we have at my school.  I was really anxious about starting because I'm not the best at communicating with people--especially if it involves any sort of professionalism (how do you even go about contacting a carnival company for rides?!). I was ridiculously anxious about writing these emails asking for quotes and brainstorming ideas to pitch about one particular event where it's my job to completely change it.

Dreading all of this made me realize one important thing, though--stop worrying.

Worrying will get you nowhere! It's literally my job to do these things, so I can't not do them (I'd get fired, duh); so I may as well suck it up and get it done.  The worst that can happen is that I need to come up with another idea and head to trusty Google for another carnival company.

Like every good realization in life, this one applies to so much more than just my job.

Workouts for the Non-Workout Savvy

This summer has turned me into a complete workout-freak. I schedule my days around when I go to the gym, I pass up sleeping in, and when I don't work out I'm like "I miss the gym!"

I had danced all my life up until college, so I've always been an active person. (Emphasis on the fact that I did not say "athletic"). 

I went from dancing 5 days a week to naps and dining hall food--let's just say the freshman fifteen is real.

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In my attempt to get back in shape I've realized that I love the gym. Which is a great thing to realize! But let's face it, I don't really know what I'm doing. That is the sole purpose behind this post. 

Here are my three recommendations for people who want to start working out but don't know what to do!