Workouts for the Non-Workout Savvy

This summer has turned me into a complete workout-freak. I schedule my days around when I go to the gym, I pass up sleeping in, and when I don't work out I'm like "I miss the gym!"

I had danced all my life up until college, so I've always been an active person. (Emphasis on the fact that I did not say "athletic"). 

I went from dancing 5 days a week to naps and dining hall food--let's just say the freshman fifteen is real.

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In my attempt to get back in shape I've realized that I love the gym. Which is a great thing to realize! But let's face it, I don't really know what I'm doing. That is the sole purpose behind this post. 

Here are my three recommendations for people who want to start working out but don't know what to do!

1. Group Fitness

For the person that loves the gym but needs some guidance, group classes are the way to go. I fee like I'm getting so much more of a workout when someone is yelling at me to do some squats while lifting an abnormally large exercise ball over my head (which is super hard to do, btw). 

2. Blogilates

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Another method, which is awesome if you a) hate the gym, or b) don't have a membership, is Blogilates. It's a website and YouTube channel created by the extra-peppy Cassey Ho. This girl could motivate you through any workout. There are unique workout calendars each month that tell you what videos to do each day, and she also has written multiple meal plans. The best part--it's all free!

3. Kayla Itsines Beach Body Guide

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The other method I want to talk about is Kayla Itsines's ebooks. Her workouts are kind of based off of HIIT (high intensity interval training), and they involve doing those workouts three days and week and then low intensity workouts two days a week. My favorite part about her workouts are that they are all under 30 minutes! Kayla is super popular on Instagram and her clients' transformations are crazy! The only downside is that this program is a little one the expensive side. I would only recommend purchasing it of you know you are 99% going to commit to it. 

In true spirit of this post, I will be beginning Kayla Itsines's Beach Body Guide today. So for the next 12 weeks, I plan on religiously following her workouts and trying my best to also follow her meal plan (which is somewhat complicated, and one meal even involves kangaroo--Australians...). 

I feel like it's necessary to mention that I will be substitution chicken in place of kangaroo. 

What's your favorite workout?

P.S. If I haven't posted in a week, then week one of the BBG has killed me. 

xo Marina

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