Essential "No Makeup" Make Up

It's the third day into fall semester and I'm already overwhelmed. At the rate my classes are going, I'll be speaking Spanish and writing news reports like a pro in no time. (I'm crossing my fingers for both of those).  I'll also probably be even more into yoga than I was before.

Cause, you know, I'm taking yoga as one of my classes. It's awesome.

The "no make up" look has been really popular and I know I was doing it for a good two weeks straight over the summer. Because of that, I think I've perfected my method of creating the look. So my essentials are ready to share with you all because I know that, come two weeks from now, we will all be wearing this look to class because--college.

Weekly Wishes #2

I'm currently watching Pirates of the Caribbean in my new apartment because it's Sunday and nothing is on TV. I plan on spending all day enjoying my last day off since classes start on Monday (or by time you read this, today).

Last week I participated in my first ever Weekly Wishes link-up! While I didn't completely accomplish everything, I think I did a pretty good job.

The Do's and Don'ts of Hashtags

I don't usually write negative posts. (Actually this is my first one). But after witnessing the number of incredibly annoying uses of hashtags that I have, it's time for this post to be written.

The do's and don'ts of hashtags. (Not that I claim to know anything about hashtags).

hashtag etiquette

Top 10 College Survival Tips

In honor of move in day (well, my move in day), I've put together some of my top ten tips for going to (or back to) college.  I must say, I give pretty great advice that is only tiny bit generic--but at least there are gifs involved!

So while I'm busy moving my ungodly amount of belongings into my first ever apartment, you can read my top ten tips alongside slightly relevant TV/movie gifs.

Whether it's your first year (it's okay, everyone was a freshman once) or your last year. There's still a few things that you should always keep in mind.

Weekly Wishes #1

Typically everyone talks about their bad habits, but one thing I've recently started focusing on is creating good habits.  Don't they sound so much more fun? 

The Nectar Collective

To kick off my good habits, I'm participating in the ever-so-talented Melyssa's (The Nectar Collective) Weekly Wishes Link-Up for the first time ever!

Juice Week: Fat Flush Juice

We're kicking off Williams-Sonoma's Juice Week with some crazy juice blends!

When it comes to wild and crazy juice blends, pretty much anything that involves kale fits the description.

What is kale anyway? What does it even taste like whole?

To make this even more of an interesting blend, it has a few pinches of cayenne pepper. (It has metabolism boosting properties in it's ridiculously spicy little self.)

fat flush juice

I had never tried this juice before, so I was pretty excited. Plus, my ancient juicer is a pain, so anything that inspires me to dig it out of the pantry must be pretty awesome.

July Favorites

It's August already! The second half of summer went by way too fast. I leave to go back to school in about two weeks. It's probably time to go shopping for everything I need for my apartment...

july favorites collage