July Favorites

It's August already! The second half of summer went by way too fast. I leave to go back to school in about two weeks. It's probably time to go shopping for everything I need for my apartment...

july favorites collage

Lollia At Last White Petals & Rice Flower Handcream
I have quite the hand cream obsession and this stuff smells so good! I haven't been using it enough to judge how well it moisturizes--but well it smells great so I don't really care. It's not oily, either, so that's another plus!

Kiehl's Creme De Corps
I'm determined to try everything from Kiehl's at this point because it all works so well. Plus there are no unnecessary ingredients in their products.  I have these bumps on my arms that get ridiculously itchy/ugly when I use lotion (even unscented) but with a combination of this lotion and the body wash I talked about last month, they're practically gone!

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
I'm not a huge fan of salt sprays because they don't work well with my hair. (Curly-hair-problems). However, I've just found out that they are the secret to creating the perfect messy bun (am I late? oh well). Seriously, I had THE BEST messy bun yesterday and it was on the first try.

A little random, but my mind is on back-to-school and the fact that I have absolutely no casual, non-sandal shoes anymore.  I'm a sucker for vans. I buy them as gifts, I buy them for myself, I'd probably even buy them for my dog if I could.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
A week ago I finally caved and bought this mascara. My trusty Maybelline wasn't doing the job anymore, and by the end of the day my eyelashes were basically straight. (I have pretty curly lashes to begin with, so that was definitely bad!) This makes such a difference! Applying it goes smoother, and it lasts all day long in the humidity. Even my boyfriend said my make-up looked exceptionally better the first time I used it (and that was without me even mentioning my make-up!.

What are your July favorites?

xo Marina

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  1. Is it weird that I'm the only one that doesn't like the beach spray? I find it smells weird on me :-S I'm actually using a drugstore one that works quite nicely, with morrocan oil! Oh, I was also wondering if you could review Vain Pursuits? I'd love to have your thoughts on them :)