The Do's and Don'ts of Hashtags

I don't usually write negative posts. (Actually this is my first one). But after witnessing the number of incredibly annoying uses of hashtags that I have, it's time for this post to be written.

The do's and don'ts of hashtags. (Not that I claim to know anything about hashtags).

hashtag etiquette

DO use relevant hashtags to make your content searchable.

DON'T string together a totally irrelevant and long phrase. That means don't write anything that remotely resembles this #mydogatemyshoes.

DO use a string of less than three hashtags IF they are completely and totally necessary (like for blogging purposes).

DON'T Use twenty different hashtags that make up your entire Instagram caption. FYI: you are allowed to use actual words without having a pound sign in front of them--the world will not end.

DO make a witty statement with them (as long as it's short).

DON'T use the same hashtag over, and over. There is no need to put #pretty on every picture of yourself.  I have no words.

DO take advantage of hashtags!

DON'T for the love of everything, use a hashtag that has absolutely nothing to do with your tweet, instagram, or whatever. 

Basically this was for the purpose of me venting, take what I said with a grain of salt.  However, if you do listen to the don't's, I guarantee your friends/followers will like you a whole lot more. (At the very least, I will).

Use your hashtags for good, not evil.


  1. Oh man I can't stand when just about every word in a caption is hash tagged. If I want to include more than a few hashtags (like for fashion posts) then I'll just comment with them instead. Still show up in searches just not as annoying!

  2. Yes! It's even worse when it's people who aren't bloggers and they just do it anyway!

  3. Tags for likes=SO ANNOYING.