Weekly Wishes #1

Typically everyone talks about their bad habits, but one thing I've recently started focusing on is creating good habits.  Don't they sound so much more fun? 

The Nectar Collective

To kick off my good habits, I'm participating in the ever-so-talented Melyssa's (The Nectar Collective) Weekly Wishes Link-Up for the first time ever!

This week's wishes:

1. Workout 4/7 days this week. I'm moving back to Tampa and into my first apartment mid-week and even though I've gotten back into the swing of not being a total couch potato (thanks for that bad habit, dorm-life) I need to keep myself extra-motivated to keep it going once school starts back up.

2. Learn how to cook a decent meal. My Tuesday night will consist of me learning how to successfully use a stove or oven so that I don't starve the following day at my apartment. Better late than never, right?

3. Get back to my old blogging schedule. Expect a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

4. Have quality bonding time with the new roomies. Unlike my Freshman year, I would like to actually socialize with the people I'll be living with. (Granted I lived with an odd combination of people last year--but I'm not letting it happen again!)

5. Write for 10 minutes a day. I'm not talking blog posts here (that needs a whole separate chunk of time to itself), I'm talking good ol' free writing--the stuff that makes you think about life and brings up all the feels.

What are your goals for this week? Click the Weekly Wishes button above to join our goal-setting selves!


  1. Welcome to the Weekly Wishes linkup! I love it <3 I love that you have a realistic blogging schedule. Sometimes people go crazy with it and it seems so much better to set yourself up for success rather than failure, right??? :)

  2. Cooking will get easier and even making a grilled cheese is considered cooking in my opinion. Hope you get all of your weekly wishes accomplished!

  3. Yes! Haha, I plan on eating a lot of grilled cheese and pasta!

  4. Thank you! I'm so amazed at people who are able to blog on a daily basis, I don't know how they do it!