Weekly Wishes #3

Happy Labor Day (is that a thing?) and happy birthday Dad (who doesn't read my blog)!

I spent my entire Sunday making my way through nine sorority chapters. That's right, I'm going through recruitment and I love it!

I desperately needed a nap, so naturally laid in bed and put my Amazon Prime account to good use (hello season one of "Awkward").

Anyway, since I have my days scheduled down to the hour this week, I might not be able to post anything else.  I'm going to try really hard, though! I promise! (I hate missing posts, guys. I feel bad about it). *Hint* I even made it one of my weekly wishes.

Last week I set some goals that I really really needed to stick to, and I did! So I'm pretty proud of myself. I plan on doing that exact same thing this week, and you should too! Going back every Monday and being able to check of that I did everything makes me feel like more of a go-getter and less like a procrastinator (I'm trying super hard, I even make to-do lists now).

Last week's wishes:

1. Register for recruitment. Check!

2. Make some progress at work.  Done, and done. If nothing else, the most important aspect of my event will be there. (Just kidding, I won't let it come to that).

3. Write for 5 minutes a day. Okay, it didn't happen everyday--but it did happen. It may be illegible, but who cares.

This week's wishes:

1. Work on assignments ahead of time. I have a to-do list with all this week's homework mapped out and it's like a horror movie, but about college.

2. Personal recruitment related goals. Vague and annoying, I know. I don't want to post about them, and I think that's frowned upon anyway, so I'm not gonna.

3. Workout at least twice. My schedule got really hectic, really quickly, and I haven't seen the gym in a while. I miss it. I'll probably be going at midnight, but at least I'll workout. I'm going back to the keys in less than two weeks so it is not the time to be lazy.

4. Write at least one other post this week. I might also be doing that at midnight (or 2 a.m.). Dedication, man.

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  1. I need to start making lists like this to organize myself. Good luck with recruitment!

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a
    | Bloglovin’

  2. Your post made me miss school!! So awesome that you work out even after your exhausted with school, I think I'll add working out to my goals lists too! You got this girl!

  3. Thanks! Were you in a sorority? Motivating myself to workout is still as difficult as it sounds.