Being Healthy

Being healthy is something that is always in the back of my mind--except sometimes it's like way, way back there.

(We had fresh cookies delivered to the apartment tonight #noregrets).

I definitely have a huge sweet tooth and a little problem called a subscription to Netflix, but I do my best (kind of) to stay motivated. This was all a lot easier when I wasn't in college and danced four days a week.

But it's time to get back on track and remind myself that being healthy makes me feel better and can be fun, too.


In case it was in question, it's not a good idea to eat pasta every night for dinner (I really need to go grocery shopping). It's also not a good idea to have pizza every day (Homecoming probs). However, it is a fantastic idea to eat fruits and vegetables every day!

Ehh. I know.

My favorite way to make sure I'm eating vegetables is to make green smoothies! Spinach, banana, and some type of berry is usually my go-to.


I like the gym and the gym makes me happy. However, the gym on campus either frustrates me or gives me anxiety--so home workouts it is!

I actually prefer them because I like the guidance. Blogilates or Kayla Itsines's are my favorite. However, I don't recommend Kayla's if you don't workout a lot! You definitely need to ease into it. It's been two months since I've gone to the gym, and after working out on Tuesday walking is a little difficult...

Group classes can be great too! Make sure to try a bunch of them because they're all different and you never know which ones you might like.

How do you stay healthy?

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