Figuring It All Out

Apparently you're supposed to figure it all out in college. Career-wise, that is. That's the whole idea of choosing a major--or at least that's what we're all told.

While I typically just laugh on the inside when this topic comes up, and have absolutely no idea what I really want to do after graduation, I think I've finally figured it all out.

Or at least I've figured it out a little bit.

The complete madness that was last week put everything in perspective for me.

While it had nothing to do with my classes or my major, it had everything to do with being in college.

Being a part of the organization that puts together Homecoming is one thing, but it's a whole other world when everything actually happens.

I can't even tell you the amount of hours I worked last week, and I honestly don't even care. Being sleep deprived and slightly irritable couldn't even make a dent in the amount of happiness I (and my entire board) felt.

Planning, working, setting-up, and basically anything that involves events is what I would love to do.

Seeing 17,000 people at an event you helped plan is indescribable. I smiled a lot, jumped up and down, and danced in circles. At one point I just sat and stared while everything happened around me.

And then I also met T.I. and got field passes for the game, so that was cool too.

P.S. Since Homecoming is over, I'm back to blogging again!

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