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This post was planned for Friday, but today's post wasn't ready, SO here's this one.

This is something that I plan on posting every Friday! It will be a list of five of my favorite links from the past week. (Expect a lot of things from BuzzFeed because,'s BuzzFeed).

PSA--it's also my birthday and I realize now that I didn't make a cliché birthday post like "20 Things I Learned blah blah blah by 20" (hey, 20!).

1. An 11-year-old dancing to "All About That Bass"

I absolutely hate this song, but I want to be this little girl when I grow up.

2. Morning "Wake Up" Yoga

Because I really need to start doing this (coffee is no longer working) and you should, too.

3. Dogs on Instagram vs. Dogs in Reality

I love dogs, I miss my dogs, I really want to smuggle one into my apartment. (So do my roommates). This article made my day because it's cute and it's 500% true.

4. A Healthy PSL from The Skinny Confidential

Do I really need to say more than that?

5. Emoji's and their real meanings

I tried to not use another BuzzFeed article, but this one is too accurate. (Not sorry). I mean I use them pretty frequently.  Like #2, and 4...and 12. Maybe just all of them.

I just now followed BuzzFeed on twitter and it was the best decision ever.

So now I'm going to celebrate my birthday with empanadas and college.

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