October Favorites

Happy Halloween!

While everyone is out trick-or-treating or going to parties tonight, I will be celebrating my own little personal triumph that I've made it through another October without losing my sanity.

Halloween freaks me out. I'm a self-proclaimed scaredy cat and this BuzzFeed article is literally my life. (This might not be 100% true because I was honestly too traumatized by the stupid AHS clown to keep reading).

Scary things are NOT my thing.

This was also painfully reinforced while I stupidly agreed to help out with a haunted hay ride last weekend.

Thank god for allergic reactions because one got me out of the creepy woods 2 hours early with only a cut on my finger and a make up reaction on my neck instead of me having a heart attack.


October also means my birthday (it's all very ironic, I had halloween themed birthday parties forever) so I have a lot of favorites this month.

Get ready:

Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color: To start off, this is the first time I've actually worn bright red on my lips outside of dance. (I wore it while working at the Homecoming Ball--kind of a big deal). Not only did it stay on, but it actually looked good. This is a big deal. I never thought red would look good on me, but Sephora proved me wrong with their new nifty little color IQ system.

Tyler Candles: Since moving into my apartment, I've begun to appreciate candles more. Not that I didn't before, but now I actually get to pick out my own candles. I don't like strong smelling ones and I like to stick to light, clean, and slightly floral things. Gardenia, High Maintenance and French Market are my favorites!

Ray Ban "Erika" Sunglasses: I haven't worn my aviators once since getting these for my birthday (thanks Dom!). I love them.

Benefit Fake-Up: I had been using a concealer from MAC for a really long time, but it started to look to dark and cake-y for some reason--and now I'll never go back. I like that this is really hydrating, too (because I don't use eye cream but I'm freaked out that I'm going to have baggy wrinkles).

Fitbit Flex: I'm slightly more motivated to workout because of this thing. It's kind of cool seeing how much activity I'm going throughout the day. (I walk a lot around campus). It's also gotten me to at least consider running--cause I don't run.

Lollia: I think this hand cream smells fantastic and I've finally gotten around to buying it. It also makes my cuticles far less sad than they usually are.


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