8 Movies to Watch With Your Roommates

Basically, I ended up with great roommates.

In August, I moved in with my friend from high school and two randoms--and we all get along really well. We're overly sarcastic and make fun of each other all the time, but what're friendships without that?

This results in us starting a random movie marathons on a Tuesday night knowing that half of us have morning classes and/or an exam the next day.

1. Bridesmaids

Because we probably all quoted this movie as a way of bonding the first week in our apartment. The whole food poisoning scene kills me, though.

2. 21 Jump Street (& 22 Jump Street)

Channing & baby Franco. Find me someone who doesn't think these movies are funny. You can't do it, I won't believe you. I don't even like stupid-funny movies, and I like these.

3. The Best of Me

Roomie date to the movies. (FYI you'll cry though and maybe even yell in the theater). I will admit that it was a good movie though...

4. 27 Dresses

Because you need to watch it to recover from The Best of Me. Don't you worry, James Marsden is in this one, too and has much better luck in the end.

5. 21 & Over

Just because it's funny. Plus I work with someone who is basically Jeff Chang. Oh and Skylar Astin and Miles Teller are great.

6. Pitch Perfect

You don't need a reason, it's Pitch Perfect.

7. We're the Millers

It gets funnier every time you watch it. Plus, I'll basically watch anything with Jennifer Aniston because Friends is my TV show.

8. Neighbors

Because Zac Efron, and we're currently watching this as I'm writing.

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