Must Have Apps

Between my iPad and my phone, I have way too many apps to keep track of. Apps for school, blogging, work, life...

My iPad is mainly just for apps because I have so many that they take up like 90% of my storage space. (The struggle).

I'm actually really picky when it comes to keeping and using apps, though. I have really high standards to be honest. (Not sorry?)

So I promise these are actually good.

The BEST photo editing app I've found. It's not free (I think its a dollar?), but it's totally worth it.

Because everyone needs an app to organize all of their favorite blog feeds. It's even better when you actually organize things into groups, that way you're not trying to scroll through all of them at first.

I'm the kind of person that likes to take handwritten notes in class--but if I do decide to use my iPad, this app is the best.

It's the best for group messages. I use it for work, but I know plenty of people that use it with their sorority, student org, or just for personal use.

I've accepted the fact that I don't have the room to carry any extra books around when I'm on campus. If it's not for class, it's taking up unnecessary space, so I've officially been converted to using iBooks. (But I'm still all for actual books because let be real, they're way better.)

Then at the end of my list is of course Spotify, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest--but did you really need me to tell you about those? I didn't think so!

What are some of your favorite apps?

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