Weekly Wishes #14

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So this post was definitely supposed to go up yesterday but apparently I lost track of my weekend.

Regardless, this works out better because my Monday has inspired some goals that I hadn't previously thought of. 


1. Don't skip any workouts. Check!

2. Start a new book. Not that it's a new book, but I'm finally starting to read Harry Potter. (Maybe I shouldn't admit that I haven't actually read them all).


1. Don't hide from spin class. I've been keeping up with the BBG at the gym, but I'm also getting into taking spin classes with my roommates. If you see me tweet that I'm dying on Thursday, then you'll know that I haven't given up yet. 

2. No fast food. I was doing good with this, but life started to get a little hectic and I have had way too much in the past week. Chick-fil-a, man. 

3. Finish internship applications. I was doing so well and then I kind of forgot about it. I need to call one specific place, too.

4. Work on post-workout routine post. (That sounds weird, sorry). This is inspired by the ridiculous leg cramp/muscle spasm/worst thing ever that happened yesterday morning while working out. 

What are your goals?

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  1. I love the post-workout goal - it's so hard for me to stick to since normally I'm too excited that I am done so I don't do anything. lol BUT it's so important.

  2. I feel exactly the same way! Most of the time I just want to lay on the floor as soon as I'm done...