January Favorites

I'm currently listening to the typical Tampa thunderstorm going on outside my window and wishing that I was including a pair of rain boots in this post. I will get a pair this month and not ruin any more shoes! (If anyone has any recommendations, let me know).

I feel like it's been a while since I've written one of these posts, but surprisingly I didn't have 50 things to include.

I promise everything is good, though!

Fujifilm Instax Mini: My boyfriend got me this for Christmas because he's the best and he knows I love cameras. It's really nice for those moments when you want an instant picture. While they obviously aren't the best quality photos, I really love the look of them. The pictures are slightly faded and blurred, and have that vintage-y feel to them. Like a tangible version of the perfect Instagram filter. (I can't believe I just said that).

Bumble & bumble styling cream: I'm really picky when it comes to hair products--mainly because my hair hates me. But, I actually like this styling cream. It's really light and keeps my hair smooth and not frizzy. It's not my go-to product (because my hair doesn't curl as nicely with it) but I like to use it on days where I'm not really going out anywhere or I want a more relaxed/wavy look. 

MAC 129 brush: I have been in desperate need for a new powder brush for the longest time. Honestly, I would still be in need of one if the people who work at MAC weren't so good at their job. While this brush doesn't beat my last one (Too Faced brushes are so soft!), and I hated it at first, it's actually pretty nice now that it's stopped shedding.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream: I've never used eye creams before but I picked this up as part of a travel trio at Sephora one day. It smells nice and citrus-y and I feel like it does a good job of making my eyes less tired looking. 

Dollar Shave Club: Because men's razors are better than women's and these are ridiculously cheap. You get four fresh blades every month (or every other month) for only $6. They also give you the best shave ever. You're welcome. 

Bkr water bottle: You know when something just pops up on your Instagram feed so much that you just have to buy it? Yeah, me too. Not only are these great because they're BPA free, but they're also small enough to just throw in your bag to go to class or the gym. 

What are your favorites from this months? Also, help me out and let me know the best shoes for rainy weather.

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  1. This is awesome, Marina! I love your list:)

  2. Great choices of the month!!
    As for rainy days, wellies are always a go to favorite or even some nice booties! Sporty walking shoes are a great choice too! I don't like to have my feet soaking wet if I'm wearing flats... Hope that helps!! xxxx


  3. I was looking at wellies, now I just have to decide which ones I want! I've just been wearing flip flops recently and it's terrible because my toes freeze. Thanks!