Weekly Wishes # 15

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This weekend was definitely the most relaxing weekend I've had since the semester started. I managed to get all of my homework done on Friday so I was able to just enjoy the whole weekend (which consisted of Gasparilla and Netflix).

I also got my designated "coffee Sunday" at Oxford Exchange with my roommate. However, I've learned that they make their coffee very strong and I can't have two. Apparently I'm a one cup of coffee person--unless I want to be hysterically laughing, extremely overwhelmed, and very jittery for the rest of the day.

I felt a little judged while ordering my second cup, anyway. I should've just taken that as my cue to not do it.

1. Don't hide from spin class. I didn't and I tweeted about it as usual.

2. No fast food. Meh.

3. Finish internship applications. That was stressful, but mainly accomplished. Kind of?

4. Work on post-workout routine post. Totally didn't do this. 


1. Actually work on post-workout routine post. Attempt #2.

2. Take an online yoga class. I don't have time to go to my yoga studio anymore and I miss it. Also, I really need to get back into stretching a lot more. 

What are your goals?

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  1. Hi Marina, i'm new to your blog (via weekly wishes) but I really like the design! I'm curious about the online yoga class mention... I've been contemplating starting yoga, but I currently live in South Korea (in a more rural area none the less), so I don't have direct access to a studio. If you find an online program that works or one that you recommend that would be awesome! I'm sure you'll reach your goals this week, good luck:)

  2. Online yoga is actually a blast. While I've found a few YouTubers whom I really adore, I actually prefer my iPad Yoga Studio app! Have you tried it?? I think it's like $2-4.99 if I'm remembering correctly, but there are a whole slue of different courses with varying durations and skill levels, you can preview each course to see what moves are involved, and you can pause at any point. I'm a bit obsessed!


  3. Oh my, I need to find that kind of coffee in my new city! Haha. You can take online yoga classes? Where do you find them?

  4. Yes! It's so great! I haven't used it in a while, so I think I'll actually find a video on there for this week.

  5. Haha there was just so much caffeine and I didn't know what to do! There are a few yoga apps and youtube videos that are good. It's not exactly as nice as taking a class in person, but it works!

  6. I don't think there can ever be enough caffeine for me! Haha. I will always know what to do with it! I think I might try online yoga! I'll feel less like a twat if I decide to get up and walk away half way through! Haha.