Weekly Wishes #16

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This weekend, I figured out that the best way get to know a new place is to just walk around. Not that I'm new to Tampa, but I found so many different places just from walking around downtown with my boyfriend.

I also went to the movies to see Project Almanac and it was...interesting. 

First of all, it was one of those home-video-style movies, so that was annoying. It was actually a pretty okay story overall, but the ending was a little frustrating. It had a somewhat clear ending (I mean you kind of knew what happened), so I wasn't confused. But I was still confused?


1. Actually work on post-workout routine post. Now in progress!

2. Take an online yoga class. Well I didn't actually do this, but I found a program I'm going to start using.


1. Don't get sick. Is this a realistic goal to set? Lots of vitamin C for me. 

2. Catch up on assignments. I have two exams this week and since I didn't feel that great yesterday I got absolutely nothing accomplished. 

What are your goals?

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  1. I agree about walking around a new place. My sister lived in Vienna for a few years and there was a time when I knew my way around Vienna better than I knew my way around my own city, just because I walked around Vienna so much when I visited her and I don't walk around Minneapolis. :) Good luck with your goals this week! Visiting from the linkup.

  2. Last week I felt the same way about not getting (more) sick. I was taking Vitamin C and Airborne all week. lol

  3. Definitely don't get sick! I'm taking Vitamin C like crazy and washing my hands.
    Yoga helps with your toxins and energy levels, I definitely recommend it. And it's fun!

  4. Hey! :) You're in my hometown, haha! I took a picture in front of that same mural. It's gorgeous, isn't it?

  5. Along with vitamin C, drink lots of tea and eat lots of soup. Garlic is quite good for the immune system too, although the garlic breath is never fun, ha. Hopefully you can stay healthy this week!

  6. You just notice so much more when you walk around! It's the best way to find little hole-in-the-wall places. Thanks!

  7. I actually got to the point where I read the Airborne label to see how much I could take in one day, lol.

  8. I love yoga! I just haven't practiced in a while. I guess this week would be a good week to get back into it, then!

  9. It was just one of those movies! Thanks!

  10. Haha awesome! I go to school here. It's really impressive! I didn't think it was that giant from other pictures that I've seen.

  11. Thanks! I'm starting to feel better but I'll have to get some stuff from the store to make soup.