97X Barbecue 2015

On Saturday, I was up bright and early to make it to St. Petersburg for the 97X Barbecue

If there one thing I love more than concerts, it's free concerts (especially when your roommate wins VIP passes). 

The lineup included two local bands, Vinyl Theater, Night Riots, In The Valley Below, Robert Delong, Panic! At The Disco (*heart eye emoji*), and AWOLNATION

I definitely recommend all of them because they all were surprisingly good. I'm always impressed when live sets are as good (if not better) than their studio albums. 

While I felt like I was melting, I got the worst blisters of my life, and sky decided to open up out of nowhere--everyone still had a great time. (I just needed some very strong coffee the next day).

source: 97X

One set got cut short and there was an hour long break due to the thunderstorm happening (the tent flooded, RIP to my white vans) but after obsessively refreshing Twitter for updates, the show continued and I was able to watch Panic! for the third (and best) time. They performed their new single Hallelujah and it was a perfect as we hoped. 

From the VIP tent we also watched brief interviews with the bands throughout the day and I learned two things:

1. I need a radio/music internship.

2. I need a press pass for next year. 

Oh, and also I guess I shouldn't wear white shoes to an outdoor concert in Florida ever again.

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