Bath Bomb Reviews

bath bomb

I wrote a post a little while ago about how obsessed I was with LUSH and all of my favorite products.  I didn't go into detail about any of the bath bombs, though, because they deserve a whole post of their own.

Not only are they good for your skin, but they look pretty, too.

They're just so cool, okay.

Avocado and olive oil softens your skin and the very strong lemon grass smell wakes you up. This bath bomb is really good for lazy days (not right before bed!).

Phoenix Rising
This apple and cinnamon bath bomb looks amazing! I loved it, however my roommate also tried one and informed me that it will stain blond hair.

Space Girl
This one has a very strong fruity scent that I wasn't overly fond of. However, I heard good things about it so I still wanted to try it! As far as actually having a purpose, it didn't impress me, so I dealing with the scent wasn't worth it.

Honey Bee
Your skin will feel so moisturized and soft after using the Honey Bee Bath Bomb! It doesn't really change the color of the water (not as impressive as the others, ha!) but it smells super sweet.

One of the original bath bombs and still super popular. This one is fruity, but not as strong as Space Girl and it has a little surprise inside of it. Good for a pick-me-up!

A French Kiss
This one is actually a bubble bar, but I wanted to include it anyway. I love them smell of lavender and how calming it is. One thing about bubble bars is that you use them differently than bath bombs--remember to crumble them under running water instead of just throwing them in after the tub is filled (nothing will happen if you do that!).

There are SO many more that I have to try (I think I have four already waiting in my apartment) so expect another post about them later.

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