May Favorites

I feel like I haven't done one of these posts in a while because the past few months have kind of passed by without me even noticing. I'm not even entirely positive what today's date is. (I now know it's the 27th--I should probably pay my rent).

Now let's talk about some new favorites:

I'm the person that is constantly frustrated with my hair and therefore always trying new things. While this doesn't necessarily make it so that I can just put it in my wet hair and go like both my mother and Jennifer Aniston promised me, it makes my hair manageable and soft when blowdried. 

I'm trying to get back into the habit of removing my makeup before washing my face. My face wash does remove makeup, but your face will be cleaner if you actually remove your makeup first--this way your face wash is washing your actual face, and not just taking off your makeup.

My grandma bought me this for Christmas and I figured that I should start using it (since all the people at the Clinique counter keep telling me I need to use eye cream). It's definitely very hydrating and I think I can see a difference? I'm just hoping I'll continue to look five years younger than I am.

It's cute, I like the meaning, I like the story. Bam. 

My eyelashes don't like to hold a curl unless I have on waterproof mascara, and I hate waterproof mascara. Benefit's new-ish mascara is the first one I've ever found that will hold a curl all day without requiring me to scrub off all my eyelashes. (Disclaimer: I still have to curl my eyelashes first).

I never ever wear lipstick (my plan is to slowly start) and this is one of my favorite lip pencils. (I feel like T-Swift). 

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  1. I haven't tried everything you've listed, but what I have tried has been fantastic. Those Neutrogena makeup remover wipes are awesome and I haven't used anything else for...well, a good while! And those NARS lip pencils are one of my favorite beauty products to wear lately. Love them! I have definitely been intrigued by those bracelets...I just think they're so pretty.

  2. I love my bracelet! I legitimately never take mine off. The message behind it is really great, too!