I Guess Spotify is Cool

The title of this post pretty much sums up my thoughts for the past two-ish weeks in a slightly understated matter, because in reality, I'm pretty obsessed with Spotify.

This isn't something new--in fact, you probably are hardcore judging me for being so late--but I'm going to gush about Spotify anyway and all the greatness that I've finally accepted.

I should start with how diehard of a Pandora fan I am. Let me tell you, my Ed Sheeran pandora station knows exactly what to play, and my Fall Out Boy station knows exactly when to throw it back to middle school and play some All Time Low.

I tried Spotify because I was being a follower and everyone else liked it. The Radio option frustrated me to no end because, let's be real, it just didn't understand me like my perfectly crafted three-year-old Pandora stations. And it's completely infuriating to NOT be able to pick what song you want to listen to. Shuffle is all fun and games until you're at the gym and your playlist is strategically dancing around all the upbeat songs and playing every mellow one you saved.

Then something wonderful happened. Spotify brought back their 99 cent deal. Get your first three months of premium for 99 cents and never look back. Yeah you have to pay $9.99 afterward (forever), but you can just cancel Netflix because you've probably watched all the good options anyway. (Just kidding, I'll have Netflix forever too).

The great things about Spotify:

1. $0.99 for your first three months. $0.99

2. You can save all the songs you want. Playlists on playlists.

3. You can queue what songs you want to play next.

4. The discover/pre-made playlists are decent when you can pick and choose the songs (or just have unlimited skips).

5. The Radio option is actually good once you give it a chance.

Basically, it's like Pandora, but way better. So yeah, I guess Spotify is cool. (You can follow me on there too?)

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