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birch coffee

"We don’t do flavored coffee here."

I’m a big coffee fan (obviously), so I don’t mind drinking it unflavored. However, when I get lattes, I do like them be vanilla. I mean, I just think lattes should be flavored—but that’s me. 

So when I order my vanilla latte at this coffee shop that I was so excited to try, I was a little disappointed when I earned a slightly judgmental glance and those words. (I guess he thought I wasn’t a true coffee drinker since I wanted my latte flavored).

Anyway, I took my unflavored coffee and sat myself in front of a window in the very tiny Birch Coffee. It was still really good and the shop was cute. It reminded me of a mini (like, super mini) version of my favorite coffee place at home—except it was a grungier and much smaller version. 

birch coffee cup

I'm not bitter and neither is the coffee, so I'll probably end up going here again if I ever want to take somewhat of a walk break from work. They have a small menu (remember, no flavors) so I'm more tempted to try different options since there are only so many to choose from. I'm still searching for a good cup of cold brew (because, despite recent popular belief, Starbucks did not make that revolutionary discovery) so I'm really thinking about trying what they serve at Birch. 

Birch Coffee is a pretty legit shop, and it's actually local (based in Manhattan). They're also refreshingly positive with all their #coffeeLOVE and #birchlovesyou so I guess I can't be too judge-y. 

Seriously, though, the coffee's good and the shop is cute. This is just my typical dramatic sarcasm, so I'll be a repeat customer and I have nothing against the barista because he actually spelled my name correctly. Oh, and their stamp card is supes cute. 

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  1. Great post! I also like my lattes flavored (vanilla, of course) but I may stop in Birch Coffee if I pass one next time I'm in the city. XO, Nicole