Coffee + Cupcakes

coffee cup

Two major things from my New York bucket list have been accomplished. Unfortunately, neither of them involved finding the perfect cup of coffee. 

My most recent approach to finding a new coffee shop has kind of been to just explore until I see one that looks interesting. To kick this off, I started at One World Trade (which is a photographer's dream, btw). I had taken the PATH from New Jersey, so when I emerged from the depths of the PATH station / One World Trade, I found Brookfield Place. 

My intentions were to find a local coffee shop in the area (meaning a little exploration was in store) but plans change when you walk about five feet and find this:

coffee shop

If you love coffee, there's no way you could walk past this. If you don't  love coffee, I'm pretty sure you still couldn't walk past this. 

It was like the epitome of the "cool coffee shop" vibe I was looking for–except, y'know, it was inside a shopping plaza. 

The coffee itself was kind of bitter, though. (And when I say kind of, I mean kind of a lot). Boo. Maybe I should have tried to ask for vanilla

sprinkles cupcakes

Then, in the same building (because sometimes life is magical and things workout that way) was a Sprinkles Cupcakes. Let me tell you, spending an entire semester in school doing an ad campaign on something you can't try is the worst. Trying said cupcakes also confirms that they are as good as they look.

However, sharing is caring because I wasn't able to even finish the cupcake and neither could my boyfriend (and he eats a lot of food).

Check "try Sprinkles Cupcakes" off the bucket list!

brooklyn bridge

My boyfriend and I then decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. We also decided to walk to the bridge, which was quite the feat itself. I don't think my legs/feet can handle any more walking. Ever. 

Check "walk the Brooklyn Bridge" off the bucket list!

Was it the best idea to do it on the hottest day in New York? Probably not. But it was kind of worth it–especially since we definitely walked off the cupcakes.


  1. Those cakes look delicious! And don't drink coffee but I could be tempted by a sweet iced coffee if it was in a place this cute xo

    Getting To Nomi //

  2. I go to Starbucks quite often because there is one conveniently located near my home, but... I can't really drink coffee. I can only drink the super milky/chocolatey/creamy ones, like a mocha or vanilla latte (not even a normal latte) or caramel macchiato (not even a normal macchiato). Glad you still managed to tick two things off your bucket list :D I hope you're enjoying yourself in NYC! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Ah, I am going to NYC this weekend! Need to add these to my bucket list :]

    xo katie // a touch of teal