Coffee, Smoothies & The Occasional Cheeseburger

le cafe coffee

I joked the other day that I would totally live off of coffee, smoothies, and the occasional cheeseburger if I would still be able to function like a proper human being. I just really love coffee, and taking pictures of coffee, and cute coffee shops.

The fact that I'm spending a large chunk of my time in New York is only further feeding my addiction.

I've already decided that I want to try as many coffee shops and little cafes as I can. I've now decided that I should probably blog about it. I mean, why not?

First coffee shop to kick everything off: Le Café Coffee.

Because I'm a weirdo and look up coffee shops on yelp in my spare time, I found this cute little one near Union Square. They do latte art and have macaroons--which are both selling points for me.

After getting there, the shop wasn't as cute as I thought it would be and there wasn't really anywhere to sit, but it was still a nice and had good coffee.

I ordered an iced latte, so I missed out on the latte art (it really adds to the experience, you know?). Nothing super exciting or memorable, but at least I have more coffee shops to look forward to trying. Sidenote: after looking at their website, just now, I really want to try their lavender latte. I will be going back. 

If you have any recommendations, give 'em.


  1. not too much of a coffee person, but still in love with the smell of a fresh brew!

  2. The smell is definitely half the appeal!