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gregory's coffee

While I'm trying to limit going to super chain-y coffee shops during my stay in New York, Gregory's Coffee has been my go-to for days in between my "let's-discover-a-new-coffee-shop" trips. We've been in a love-hate relationships since my first day at work, and I will miss it dearly when I leave.

I'm honestly considering buying a jug of their cold brew (otherwise known as rocket fuel) before I leave. 

Gregory's is the place for your vanilla latte or extra-strong cold brew, and it's one of the few places where I can consistently say I'll like the coffee regardless of if it's iced or hot. Also, it's kind of hipster. I mean, just look at their logo––it has square glasses.

And they have really great doughnuts. Doughnuts are my weakness and I love them with my coffee. Seriously, go get one if you're in New York. I'll probably get one on my way to work this morning if we're being honest. 

Anyway, to the love-hate relationship. Their cold brew is super strong, and sometimes it's extra strong. My first day at work I stopped to get some on my way in. There's a shop practically beneath my office so I was like "oh, that shop looks cool" and I bought my coffee.

While sitting in orientation, the person leading said "Oh, is that Gregory's? Don't drink it black. It will make you cry."

gregory's latte

Well I didn't drink it black and it still almost made me cry. I felt like a potential heart attack waiting to happen. That was the most jittery I had ever been my entire life and it lasted ALL day. I'm pretty sure on the train home, when you could literally see my bicep twitching, the guy next to me probably thought I was insane.

However, when you really need a pick-me-up (today), the cold brew is a necessity; and when you're just feeling some well-brewed coffee, a latte will be just as good without turning you into an over-anxious person that kind of feels like they could take on anything. (But I mean maybe that feeling is a good thing).

I only have two weeks left in New York. It's crazy, I know. So if you have any recommendations, let me know! Like, right now!

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