Paris Baguette Bakery & Cafe

coffee cup

This whole “try all the coffee shops!” plan has taught me one thing: I’m kind of a coffee snob.

So hi, hello, my name is Marina and I like to drink an obscene amount of coffee and I don’t prefer it any particular way—however it cannot taste like dirt.  

Which is why I’m relieved that the coffee shop I originally went to for this post, the-coffee-shop-who-shall-not-be-named, only charged $2. It went straight in the trash, which is ridiculous because:

  1. You don’t ever throw away coffee.
  2. You don’t ever throw away coffee that you paid for. 

Seriously, though! I see so many people with cups from there! What are you all doing?!

…so I went to Paris Baguette instead. 

coffee in park

Not only was it better, but they have macarons. If that’s not a selling point, then I don’t know what is. 

They’re regular iced coffee comes pre-made with cream and sugar and it’s bomb. It’s a little sweeter than I usually like, but sometime’s you want some sweet coffee, y’know. 

The salted caramel macaron I had was also pretty great. 

Paris Baguette has also brought back the bendy straw. It was a weird experience at first, but I kinda like it. 


  1. Is this the paris baguette franchise from south korea?