The #BreakYouMake


I'm not a super preppy person, but Carly from The College Prepster, is a person I follow regularly. This past weekend I attended Her Conference, put on by Her Campus, as a part of their blogger network. Carly was there to speak on a panel about blogging and the advice she had to give was totally worth the ridiculous train ride I experienced in order to get there (weekend train schedules are rough, guys).

It's no surprise that she knows so much about the back end of blogging, but I was honestly blown away by things she talked about! She sounded like a pro (because she is) while telling us about all the analytics and statistics that go into blogging and had really good insights into what life as a professional blogger is really like.

All I have to say––after profession my undeniable respect for her––is that she definitely needs a break. Which is why I nominate her for a #BreakYouMake, Completely relevant: I also thought it was funny that when we talked about managing stress and taking a break she mentioned one of her new favorite apps, which happens to be one I just talked about in my post about ways to relax last week.

chobani break you make

After deciding on whim to take the train to Long Island on Sunday, spend the night there, and then take the train back to Manhattan to go straight to work on Monday––I think I might need a break, too.

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