Beachy Hair Without Heat

bumble and bumble products

I've been back in Florida for a week now. It's humid, hot, rainy–and I started my senior year yesterday.

I'm also in desperate need of a haircut. Combine that with re-introducing exceptionally high humidity, and my hair has been a mess. (It's fine, I needed an excuse to try new products anyway).

I want to love Bumble & bumble, I really do, but the price makes it difficult. The only products I've convinced myself to purchase were travel sized bottles of their gentle shampoo (on sale!) and super-rich conditioner. They smelled great but were apparently too gentle and not rich enough for my stubborn, curly hair.

I've been wanting to try their invisible oil line since they came out with it, and then their introduction of "Don't Blow It" (one of the few hair products designed for air-drying) finally convinced me to just do it since I needed something new anyway. (And I promise I'll get to the beachy hair at some point).

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Shampoo
Sulfate-free (aka, great for curly hair). It lathers well and definitely makes my hair feel clean, but doesn't dry it out or cause tangles. Bless.

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Conditioner
I use more of this conditioner than I usually aim for, but that's because it's kind of light and thin. It detangles my hair (which is a hard task to do) and seems to kind of smooth it down enough to make it less frizzy. But not frizz free, so there is still some texture.

Now on to the beachy hair...

Don't Blow It
I have to use a good amount of this product for it to work, maybe larger than a quarter. It's super light, too. I start off my running in through my hair on both sides, flipping upside down and separating my hair by kind of doing a scrunching motion (but without the actual scrunching). The point of this product is to control your hair while it's air drying but maintaining a product-free look. There's no crunchy looking pieces and some of my natural texture still shows. It's a little frizzier than I'd like, but that plays into the beachy waves.

For some extra texture (or if you have naturally straighter hair) I would also use their newer Surf Infusion which is similar to their Surf Spray, but more hydrating.

This combination of products doesn't exactly get me the soft and smooth curls I'm usually aiming for, but I do like the more lived in look right now, so I'll probably be purchasing the full sized bottles as soon as I run out. I'll definitely stick with the shampoo and conditioner, but I'm still searching for a good product that will get my hair to air-dry in a semi-put-together-looking state.

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