Culture Espresso – Were Have You Been All My Life?

This is my last week in New York, and therefore my last New York coffee shop review. It's only fitting that I've just now found my favorite one. 

Last week, I thought I had found the perfect coffee shop, but this one is even better!
Culture Espresso is a little bit small and crammed (basically, it looked a lot bigger online) but it has a bar and some corner seating. There are marble counter tops (my weakness) and chandeliers!

I ordered an iced latte (something I haven't tried at previous places and don't usually order) and it was really good. Usually iced lattes are too milky for me and I prefer to actually taste my coffee, so I order iced coffee or cold brew instead. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to just sit and enjoy my coffee here because no one was budging from their seats, so I took it somewhere else and got some chips and queso to go with it. (Not a combination that I would recommend, but it's been a while since I had chips and queso so I don't regret it.

The worst part about this coffee shop is that I had to walk so far to get there, and I got lost while trying to find it. It helps if you remember the names of places your looking for–remember that. But it's so conveniently close to Herald Square that the (window) shopping I was able to do after, made it even more worth it. Oh, and their chocolate chip cookies are bomb, too.

Even though I'm going back to Florida, to be productive and do things like finish my thesis and graduate, I still plan on keeping up these weekly coffee shop posts. My options are limited, so I don't know how long this will last, but I like it! (Any excuse to drink more coffee is fine with me).

As a bonus here is our "Do we really have to leave New York?" face:

Intern photo shoots are a blast.

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