Two Products for Soft Skin

Everyone wants soft, smooth skin. It's popular now, because it's summer and everyone is wearing tank tops and shorts; and it's popular in the winter because we're all trying to combat the try cold (well, Florida isn't, but everyone else is).

As a disclaimer, I'm known to have super soft skin. I can't tell you why (except for that maybe I do a decent job taking care of it), but every time someone has grabbed my hand or brushed against my arms I get some variation of "Oh my god, you're skin is so soft!" So thanks guys, it does wonders for my self-esteem. 

But even though I always have soft skin, it's always really dry. I can't explain it, I know it doesn't make sense, but at least I can use this information to prove that these products actually work and it's not just my good luck. 

For your face: Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap
This is a mild and gentle exfoliating cleanser. I used to use coarse cleansers (because I never thought it was clean enough) but now the idea of rubbing something like liquid sandpaper across my face freaks me out. This cleanser removes light make-up, but if I have on a lot and I've been sweating at the gym, I like to use this after washing my face with my favorite deep cleanser first. Washing your face twice might seem repetitive and annoying, but using this stops my face from feeling dried out and in need of a heavy moisturizer. (If I have no make up on, I'll just use this alone!)

For your body: Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer 
I'm really bad at using lotion. If it's too heavy or greasy it grosses me out. (This is probably why my skin is always dry). So while this might not be the strongest moisturizer, it's effective, affordable, and easy to use. Just spray it on (kind of a lot) and then quickly rub it in. Your skin feels soft, doesn't look dry, and you can't feel the product because it absorbs quickly. 

Next week I'll have some more of my favorite products for soft skin! 

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