The Blind Tiger Cafe

blind tiger coffee
It's been a while since I've written a coffee related post–but don't worry, the coffee addiction is still going strong and I've gotten some pretty legit headaches if I don't drink it.  

I don't advise going to Ybor unless there is something really specific you want to do and there is no other area around Tampa you can go for it. I've been wanting to try The Blind Tiger Cafe, but needed another reason to go to Ybor besides the coffee.

I decided I wanted a hoop for my nose ring (which didn't end up happening), but there was my second reason. 

1. It was really good and one of the few coffee shops in the area that are open late at night. 

2. They served Buddy Brew coffee, which is local coffee that they brew at my other favorite coffee shops.

3. For some horrible reason (pretty sure taxes are higher) I ended up paying over five dollars for a latte that usually costs me around three. WHY?

If I'm in Ybor and really want some coffee after all the other shops are closed, maybe I'd go back. But I'd probably just drive the extra ten minutes to actual Buddy Brew and pay significantly less. 

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