Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays

steve madden shoes

I wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas, even though there's no blog post for today. (Obviously, I also wanted to share my cute new shoes--thanks, Santa).

I hope everyone has a happy holiday with friends and family, and eats plenty of good food! I know I'm super excited for lasagna and the oatmeal carmelitas I made yesterday morning. I also hope no one is too stressed out today even though the holidays can do that to you. One thing I get anxious about is the change in routine and all the mass amounts of food.

But really, though, the carmelitas are bomb. Maybe I'll post the recipe one day!


P.S. Can we talk about how warm it is? It was 85 degrees for Christmas Eve and that's not cool.

Top 5 Healthy Store Bought Juices

soho juice co

I have been sitting comfortable on the cold-pressed juice bandwagon for a looong time. Based on the weird looks I get in my hometown, no one here has found the appeal of drinking healthy store bought juices yet. But, I mean, why not? What is so bad about being able to quickly get in some vegetables without having to eat them or manually juice them. Because sometimes you don't feel like eating vegetables and (as much as I love this fat flush juice recipe) fighting with a juicer is not everyone's favorite pastime.

Also, who can resist trendy juice bars? I was totally in my element in New York. There was a juice bar in the same building as my internship and I made it my mission to try everything. (I even wrote a post about their weird juice shot remedies when I was sick).

The downfalls of cold-pressed juices are that they're not all found in stores and they can be expensive. Sure, you find juice anywhere, but not healthy cold-pressed juice without a bunch of added sugar and chemicals. Also, sometimes they tend to taste like grass (which you know, isn't super appealing).

I've tried plenty, though–which has lead to me establishing which ones taste more like an enjoyable drink but are still healthy. Here's my breakdown of my top five healthy store bought juices:

Versatile MAC Eyeshadow Pallete

mac pallete

I love my MAC eyeshadow pallete for two reasons:

1. You can build your own.
2. They're travel-friendly.

This is my first MAC pallete and it is (obviously) very well loved. It's lasted me quite a while, but I love it because it can be used for so many different occasions. I typically end up just throwing this in my suitcase any time I'm going home or on vacation because I can use it for anything.

Matte Colors:

Pearl Colors:

Here's my favorite looks with them:

Easy 5 Move Workout

workout diagram

This past month has been super stressful because of the end of the semester. I'm only one semester away from graduating, so it makes sense. I've kept telling myself (and the unfortunate people who hear me complain all the time) that I really need to get to the gym because one, it's been a while, and two, working out make you feel so much less stressed.

Except figuring out what to actually do once you make it to the gym kind of just adds more stress on top of everything (or is that just me?). Honestly, the reason I end up not going is because there's A LOT of equipment to figure out and A LOT of giant guys huddled around the weights. #gymtimidation

But I'm tired of hiding out a treadmill (because running sucks even when you like it) so I've brought back a workout that was given to me by a personal trainer during a free session.

I have about zero attention span, and I can do this workout no problem. So you can, too! The best parts are that it requires little equipment (you still kind of need the gym though), you can do it even if you're not particularly strong (hello–me), and it's only five different moves.