Versatile MAC Eyeshadow Pallete

mac pallete

I love my MAC eyeshadow pallete for two reasons:

1. You can build your own.
2. They're travel-friendly.

This is my first MAC pallete and it is (obviously) very well loved. It's lasted me quite a while, but I love it because it can be used for so many different occasions. I typically end up just throwing this in my suitcase any time I'm going home or on vacation because I can use it for anything.

Matte Colors:

Pearl Colors:

Here's my favorite looks with them:

For an every-day matte look, I'll combine both matte eyeshadow colors (Cork on my lids and then Espresso in the crease). But if I'm in a hurry and looking to be super simple, I'll just use the lighter matte color.

My other go-to combination is Arena and Espresso. I used these two in this picture below and in this Insta post.

make up

Then if I'm going out at night I'll use Paradisco with Espresso in the crease. Paradisco is pinky-coral so it brightens up everything, but can still be somewhat subtle.

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