Bleached Hair + Olaplex

bleached hair with olaplex

Olaplex isn't a new thing, but I just recently found someone in my hometown who offers it to her clients. It's a three-part-system that is free of silicone or oils and links broken bonds in the hair during/after chemical services to make them stronger than they were before.

The first two steps, your stylists does while doing your hair. The third step is a take-home treatment that you use as a hair mask once a week. 

Now, my hair isn't super light (I was too traumatized by the last time I lightened my hair to do anything too drastic), but my hair is super sensitive. If I tried to lighten it at all, it would immediately be fried. It also wouldn't curl. My senior year of high school, I had bleach blond hidden highlights (I know what you're thinking and yes it was a poor decision), and the blond strands were like semi-straight pieces of straw mixed in with my curls. 

When I got my hair done with Olaplex, it was like I hadn't sat with chemicals on my hair for a half hour. It still curls, it's completely healthy, and it acts like my normal, non-lightened hair. I mean, my hair isn't bleach blond (which is a good thing), but it's still been lightened a lotI'm also planning on lightening it more at some point, which proves how good Olaplex is because I typically panic about doing anything that might damage my hair.

Plus, my hair feels so smooth and healthy right after using the take-home treatment. It's seriously like magic. 

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