Cold Brew at Home – Slingshot Coffee Concentrate

slingshot coffee concentrate

It's pretty much common knowledge that I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee. Meaning, even if I shouldn't have any more, I'm probably still standing in line at my local coffee shop anyway. I may also be driving up to 45 minutes for a good cup of pour over. Ridiculous.

I've also been crazy stalking both Whole Foods in Tampa to see if they've started stocking bottles of cold brew yet–and I mean useful bottles that will last, none of their single-serve ones that I'd have to purchase seven of in order to get through the week.

Well that day has finally come and I found Slingshot Coffee concentrate. Since it's concentrate, I only need to use about half a cupful each time. Then I add equal parts water and either drink it black or with a little bit of coconut milk. It's not bitter at all, which is great! (And the reason why I can drink it black).

This bottle has lasted me for at least four or five cups, so it's definitely worth the purchase. It also keeps me from excessively stopping for over-priced cups of coffee and drinking too much dairy. (I'm tempted to start carrying cups of coconut milk with me when I know I'm headed to a coffee shop).

My next goal is for my Whole Foods to start carrying Stumptown's new coconut cold brew, because I miss New York and I miss Stumptown Coffee.

Any other cold brew recommendations? Or alternatives to dairy (because I'm still not 100% sold on the coconut milk)?

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