Black Friday Guide – What You Need to Get

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✘ Just a heads up! Links marked with an "*" are affiliate links, which means I'll earn a small commission if you buy through them.

While I tend to be more of a Cyber Monday fan (especially since Black Friday now starts at 6pm on Thanksgiving...), there are quite a few Black Friday deals that you should't pass up this year. Plus, the Cyber Monday deals haven't been posted online yet, so I couldn't scope them out for you guys. (Sorry!)

Anyway! If you plan to venture out on Thursday night, or just need some gift ideas in general, here are some of my top picks. I know I'm going to be picking some of them up myself!

Now I know, I know, you probably want the newer one because it's waterproof. But they're really expensive and if you don't mind the original version, there's a pretty good sale on them. 

If you're a runner you 100% need these. For real. They're wireless, they don't fall out, and they sound fantastic. Also, they'll be on sale at Target for $89.99, the lowest price ever. Did I mention they're normally almost $200? Yeah. And Beats are never on sale. You know what I'll be buying. 

If you're just looking for a fitness tracker (a not a smartwatch) this is a pretty great option. Target will have them on sale for only $89.95! I don't know about you, but I'm definitely down for paying $40 less on one of these. 

Bare Minerals - You're Brilliant All Over Face & Color Brush Duo
You know I couldn't make this list without including some goodies from Sephora. This is exclusive is only $10 (a $32 value)! I love Bare Minerals loose powder. 

Urban Decay - After Dark Travel Pencil Set
These eye pencils are the best. And they last so long, too, which is why the travel sizes are totally worth it. They do go fast if you're using them on your lids, but if you stick to your waterline you'll rarely have to sharpen them. 

tarte - Intro to tarte Deluxe Discover Set
Get this for the mascara alone! But the blush from this set is super nice, too. This set is only $10 (a $39 value) as well!

(You only can preview the Sephora sales in their app, so you'll have to head over there to check them out).

Because Netflix...duh. But also, you don't realize how great and convenient an Apple TV is until you use your friend's and then have to go back to living life without one. If you tend to watch tv on your computer, you need an Apple TV. I promise!

If you've found any other must-have Black Friday sales, let me know! 

+ it's been a while, but it's good to be back, thanks for sticking around!

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