Fall Nail Faves + 5 Minute Mani Tips

essie and opi polishes

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I'm trying to avoid wearing my dark, basically black, nail polish shades for as long as possible. Somewhat because I'm trying to avoid be that girl who always has on the same nail color (if you were wondering, it's Lincoln Park After Dark), mainly because I'm trying to avoid staining my nails. Plus it's such a pain to take off dark colors and no one has time for that.

It's still a guaranteed over 75 degrees, so I'm pretty content wearing lighter shades. But since it is fall, I'm going with ones that have more muted tones. Here are my current faves:

O.P.I. - Got the Blues for Red

Essie Gel Couture - Pinned Up

Essie - BBF Boy Best Friend

Essie - Smokin' Hot

Whenever I change my nail color, I always make sure I have time to do a quick manicure. It helps your polish last longer and keeps your nails/hands healthy! And who doesn't want that? I usually try to do this right after a shower so I don't have to worry about soaking my hands. But make sure to take your old polish off before getting in the shower!

5 minute mani tips:

  • push back your cuticles while they're still soft from the shower.
  • use some cuticle oil (I like to use this one by Essie* or this Josie Maran oil that I originally  bought for my face). 
  • file/shape your nails (I only use a nail clipper if they're really long and I want them significantly shorter, or if I'm trying to go from rounded to square nails).
  • wash hands well with soap and water or the oil will stop your nail polish from sticking
  • paint your nails! (make sure to apply thin even coats, it's better to have to do 2-3 coats instead of globing on a thick layer).
  • use quick drying drops* if you're short on time

Once your nails are dry, apply hand cream and make sure you really get it around your cuticles. Mine are always extra dry, and this is really important to keep them from being annoying and peeling!

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