SkinnyPop, Wine + Binge Watching

SkinnyPop Salt and Pepper bag

Honestly, I'm a huge proponent for binge watching television shows. I don't understand people who aren't fans of watching an entire season in one lazy Sunday. Is that not the best way to do it?? I mean, come on, just not having to deal with cliffhangers is good enough reason alone.

You don't even want to know how quickly my best friend and I watched all of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix during our senior year. I'm pretty sure it was 11 seasons and we watched it way too quickly.

Anyway, with proper binge watching (or tv watching in general) comes good snacks. I'm a huge fan of popcorn, cookies (shoutout to those late night cookie delivery services!), and brownies. Sometimes I like fruit, but let's be real, the best snacks are the unhealthy ones...

Except for popcorn! Which actually happens to be my snack of choice when I'm getting all comfy on the couch, ready to watch some Shondaland. There's a few types of popcorn I like, and SkinnyPop happens to be one of my favorites. I was actually given a bag at one of the HerCampus conferences and I was like "How have I not tried this before?!" It's just 39 calories a cup, so it’s perfect for a TV binge fest!

Just in time for all the Shondaland madness to come back (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder), SkinnyPop has put together a guide for pairing their popcorn flavors with your favorite wine. Popcorn and wine, Olivia Pope definitely would approve.

Wine & Popcorn Pairings infographic

My personal favorite is the sea salt & pepper with some white zinfandel. That's what I'll be having tonight while watching the next episodes. (Btw, I'm very concerned for Karev. And Wes...Wes...). But I'm also obsessed with white cheddar SkinnyPop so I'll have to try that combo too!

If you need some guilty pleasure tv recommendations, I got you covered. (And I included the number of seasons that are on Netflix because that's essential information):

Grey's Anatomy (12 seasons on Netflix, season 13 is currently on TV)
How to Get Away With Murder (2 seasons on Netflix, season 3 is airing now)
Scandal (5, season 6 airing now)
Gilmore Girls (7 + Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life)
Gossip Girl (6 seasons)
How I Met Your Mother (9 seasons)
The Vampire Diaries (7 seasons)
One Tree Hill (9 seasons)
Breaking Bad (5 seasons)
Orange is the New Black (4 seasons)
Stranger Things (1 season)
Pretty Little Liars (6 seasons)
Criminal Minds (11 seasons, season 12 airing now)
Law and Order: SVU (seasons 14-17, season 18 airing now)
Friends (10 seasons)

Okay so that list was NOT supposed to be that long, but clearly I have a problem so... Feel free to give me even more recommendations!

Let's talk about all the drama on these ridiculous shows in the comments. Or food. I'm always down for both conversations.

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